More about jour après jour – Grand Marché Vrac

What is jour après jour – Grand Marché Vrac ?

In an authentic and warm setting, we offer consumers the opportunity to easily do all their daily shopping in quantity

The atmosphere Jour après jour – Grand Marché

To promote responsible consumption for all, we are reviving businesses in the “town square” spirit and for this we bring together local artisans in our merchant spaces.

Fruits and vegetables

  • Direct supply from regional producers Respect for the seasons
  • Promotion of sustainable and responsible cultivation practices
  • Your containers are welcome

Butcher’s shop

  • Meats sourced directly from breeders who respect animal welfare
  • Advice from passionate butchers
  • Your containers are welcome

Cheese and creams

  • A selection of over 150 cheeses
  • A creamery served with a ladle Sound advice
  • Your containers are welcome

Grocery store

  • Savory and sweet groceries
  • household products, hygiene products, pet store, zero waste accessories
  • Over 1,000 everyday products only available in quantity on demand and withoutunnecessary packaging
  • Your containers are welcome
Appelez nous!