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Progress and more progress!

12 December 2021

If we are lucky enough to have people in our workforce who already have a natural sensitivity for eco-responsibility, many of them are “practitioners” who have become key players by joining us.

Sharing our principles and values, discovering our sensibilities and ways of working, they become essential assets to help us promote the concept of bulk consumption. Whether you are a long-time initiate, or a newcomer open to discovery, they will be eager to share with you their knowledge of the products, their personal practices regarding the use and consumption of the proposed products.

Encouraged to share with us their personal findings of products of interest anytime, they allow us, sometimes, to offer you new opportunities in addition to those we have found!

They are involved in the daily life of our store and are regularly listening to your requests and suggestions and know how to convince us to answer them with attention.

If their commitment is as intense as their motivation, we have taken the challenge of regularly allowing them to perfect their knowledge, whether it be through field discoveries at our partners’ or through simple professional training. Combining competence and versatility, our employees are always striving to improve to offer you a better service.

Together every day in our store we try to progress, it is also another of our commitments!

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