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Less packaging waste

11 November 2021

At a time when the COP 26 opens in Glasgow, where the latest IPCC report makes the bitter observation of an irremediable global warming of 2 degrees and a daily battered earth, we need to our measure, act …

Admittedly, the public authorities gradually, too gradually perhaps, are taking decisions that are not yet too restrictive to, through political and legislative gestures, regulate the behavior of industries, administrations, but also citizens … but, very modestly, and certainly from today each of us at different levels can contribute …

Commitment for which we, Day after day, work, namely that of controlling our packaging waste.

Remember the famous 7th continent in the heart of the Pacific Ocean (3.5 million km2 made up of 90% plastics, 80% of this waste coming from the earth, therefore from us, via the rivers).

While undeniably plastic in the food world plays a leading role, it must still be used sparingly without falling into expensive overwrapping, moreover with non-recyclable materials that place too much emphasis on individual portioning.

Indeed, the performance of the packaging today allows a better and longer conservation of food than in the past, of course, but, major problem their sole use most of the time considers it as disposable … and here the problem appears. that of an immeasurable volume of non-recyclable waste, and despite the commitments made on a global scale, our plastic releases continue despite the reductions initiated.

In Canada, currently only 6% of our 3 million tonnes of our plastic waste that we recycle… 2030, the federal goal of zero plastic waste is still a long way off *, that of Montreal, for the end of single-use plastic in 2023 is much more ambitious and should motivate us.

Encourage the use of eco-responsible plastics, advocate the use of jar-type containers, brown paper even the traditional indestructible Tupperware, encourage bulk consumption which, in addition to meeting the just need for products, thus fighting against the other scourge that is food waste, offers a truly responsible and ultimately thrifty alternative.

After all, isn’t the best waste the best that you don’t produce? This is also another of our commitments!

* Annick Poitras News September 2020

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