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Buy local, a winning solution for ALL!

5 December 2021

Did the world have to be confronted with an exceptional pandemic for the craze for buying local to be revived? Perhaps it was, after all, when Quebec productions returned to unexpected sales performances, first online and then in stores, and after a slight slowdown, the trend seems to be picking up again, and that’s good.

The first consequence of this development of local purchasing is that it has allowed many of us to rediscover and even discover our Quebec companies. Whether they come from the agri-food circuit, mainly, or from any other productive fabric, the promotion of local purchasing has contributed to the economic dynamics of our regions, while re-launching the concept of purchasing in a short circuit, reinforcing our commitment to responsible consumption, and it’s better that way.

Demonstrate our solidarity with Quebec businesses, thus supporting the economy of our province, even the government has not been mistaken in launching promotional campaigns on all media, by creating a ”specialized” website whose frequentation is no longer to be demonstrated, and a commitment of the entire state apparatus, on all media platforms.

In its ultimate publication of the ”Barometer of the responsible consumption” the observatory of the same name, reveals there, among other criteria all its importance.

At ”Grand Marché vrac” it is in our very essence to promote our local productions, so nearly 75% of the products we offer are from local productions or transformations, indicating it on our labels by our lily flower or the link to our partner.

Participating in our local economy is also one of our commitments!

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