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Organic, yes, but not only…

19 December 2021

This seems to be an obvious association for the greatest number, that produced in bulk rhymes with organic product … but it’s not quite that yet …

Resulting from the organic agriculture, the product recognized as organic is either an agricultural product, or a foodstuff and must meet a whole legislation governing the principles, products and authorized practices; combining the modes of production for the cultivated products with the methods of feeding for the products of breeding for example… but not everything is so simple, or almost, and fortunately! A very precise specification details the various obligations so that the product can finally offer the organic label.

Subject of a real craze from the consumer, the organic agricultural production doubled in five years in Quebec, becoming the first in Canada, but producers are struggling to meet the demand, despite the financial incentives provided by the government to encourage a shift to organic production.

But it is clear, already, a first winning result, with a more reasoned production of several products, a necessary step before being able to comply with the legislative obligations of the organic label. The assurance from now on of a healthier food.

Health and environment, the main criteria recognized for organic products by consumers, have made a fashion phenomenon yesterday an obvious benchmark henceforth for everyone, and even if sometimes the price still appears, sometimes, higher.

Today, identical to the Quebec supply, it is nearly 30% of our grocery supply, which is offered to you for your daily shopping, without unnecessary packaging, in quantity on demand, in our “Jour après jour Grand Marché Vrac’’

Source : La Presse article Alice Girard-Bossé 

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